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Landscape Lighting in Sarasota

In Sarasota, Greenside Landscaping expertly illuminates residential and commercial landscapes, showcasing unique architectural features with cutting-edge LED technology. Our maintenance ensures optimal performance, while our tailored solutions cater to both modern and traditional lighting needs.

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Greenside Landscaping: Sarasota's Beacon of Landscape Lighting Excellence

Shine a light on your residential or commercial space with Greenside Landscaping. As the leading choice for landscape lighting in Sarasota and neighboring regions, we masterfully integrate both landscape and architectural illumination. Our expertise lies in highlighting the distinct characteristics of your property, casting light at just the perfect angles. Whether it’s accentuating Sarasota’s elegant foxtail palm trees and grand oaks or introducing terrace lights and embedded driveway lamps, every project for us is a fresh canvas to redefine spaces as dusk sets in.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our choice of lighting products, as we use energy-saving LEDs that brighten more while consuming less. The lights we bring to your space are safeguarded by top-tier warranties, and our installation comes with a promise of exceptional workmanship.

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Landscape Lighting Sarasota

Our Services

Landscape Lighting

If you’ve dedicated resources to crafting an exquisite landscape, why let it hide when the sun goes down? At Greenside Landscaping, our experts meticulously choose the ideal lighting fixtures to complement your space. We offer a comprehensive range of lighting solutions, from spotlights, floodlights, and discreet uplights to distinctive fixtures that emit a gentle, encompassing radiance that’s pleasing to the eyes.


Architectural Lighting

Every building, be it a residence or a commercial space, possesses distinct features that light can accentuate. At Greenside Landscaping, we collaborate closely with our clients to pinpoint those elements that can be enhanced with the right illumination, considering the ideal angle, hue, and intensity. We often spotlight architectural details like pillars, distinctive masonry, and archways. Additionally, we employ methods such as wall grazing and shadowing to project a captivating ambient glow onto edifices.


LED Conversions and Lighting Repairs

If you’re in need of a fresh transformer setup or the relocation or replacement of multiple fixtures, Greenside Landscaping is here to craft a suitable plan. While we champion the use of efficient LED products, we recognize that several residences and enterprises still utilize traditional tech, such as halogen lights.


Lanai Lighting

Our collection of lanai illumination offers an enchanting ambiance for your pool zone or lanai. The streamlined wall-mounted fixtures can be attached to your current screen pillars and are compatible with vibrant, remotely-managed LED lights.


Lighting Maintenance

Durable lighting gear is designed to endure challenging conditions such as sunlight and dampness, yet consistent care ensures peak performance and visual appeal. Our maintenance packages are tailored to individual systems and feature cost-effective replacement parts and devices. It’s not uncommon for us to find fixtures that have been inadvertently knocked, unplugged, or harmed. Our foremost aim is to rectify or pinpoint prevalent challenges, including compromised cables, critter interference, and smudged lenses. Alongside ensuring your fixtures remain pristine and fully functional, we also assess the lighting direction to align with evolving landscapes.

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